this might or might not be in the mod depending on if he likes it or not


He's a giant skeleton who has miniguns all over his body, and his face should be a minigun

How he would be spawned would be with combining a soup launcher with the Megashark, making the megasoup. Not a usable weapon, but used to spawn him

He should have about 250,000 HP, 60 Defense, and his miniguns do 50 damage each. Running into him should deal 100 DAM to you, and shots to his head should always crit hit.

Drops should be a usable Megasoup, and a 1/3 chance of the Dakka Armor. When spawned, it should say "MORE DAKKA! NEED MEGASOUP FOR KILL GIANT DEMON", and tries to kill you for it. If you die, the megasoup is gone, and you'd need to make another.


Dakka helm: 21 DEF, makes ranged weaps fire 33% faster, slows you down 33% when moving, though, and stacks effects. Should look like a pistol, and makes your face a pistol

Dakka breastplate: 20 DEF, same effect as helm, stacks effect with all armor. Body is a pistol magazine, making you a pistol mag

Dakka grieves: 19 DEF, same effect as helm, stacks effect with all armor. Grieves should be two engines that rotate when walking.

INFINITE DAKKA (Set bonus), fire 100% faster, and move 25% faster when firing. Offsetting the slowing movement is always a good thing

NOTE: movement when flying or rocketing or gravity-ing should not be changed when firing

MEGASOOOOOOUP: 50 DAM, fires insanely fast, uses soup-nades as ammo, uses 2 each fire but shows one. Gotta have a downside. Tooltip: "For when you just hate enemies and conserving ammo"