IF YOU USE THESE IN A MOD, CREDIT ME ON ANY PAGES YOU GIVE OUT THE MOD! (Mainly just say "Trap ideas by The REAL Mister Derp/Insert Generic Name, "Fogboat" of fogboats)

Saw-blade: Place this in a 3x3 area, hook up some wire to it, flip a switch/step on a panel, and it turns on. Does rapid, large amounts of damage, for if you just love to trap enemies, or trolling people. Made from 20 iron bars, 50 spikes, 25 silver bars, and one soul of night (Because it's evil to do this, even if fun!)

Iron maiden: For the people who are sadists. Hook it up with wire (In a 2x3 area), flip a switch if an enemy or player is right on it (Or walking by it and you feel they should die, or if you're bored <3), and it entraps them, doing medium-rapid amounts of damage, so you can watch them writhe in pain as they were foolish enough to enter the TOWER OF G-er...your home. Made from 15 iron bars, 30 spikes, 15 silver bricks, and three souls of night

Sentry turret: This is a classic! Hook it up with wire (In a 3x1 area against ANY solid object), as with everything else, and it will shoot rapid three-burst bullets at the average fire rate. Bullets should do about 5 damage each. More of a warning than it is a trap. Made from 500 bullets, a clockwork assult rifle, 50 hellfire arrows (For the knockback effect), 10 copper bars, 10 iron bars, 20 wire, and two souls of sight (For aiming purposes!) Strong knockback, and only needs to be turned on by a lever to be automatic. Would only accept normal bullets, and would use the average CAS effect

Bear trap: Should look like a 2x1 classic half-block (Like, a pressure plate's length) trap with tiny notches on it, showing that it's teeth, and if a player/enemy steps on it, they are trapped until they jump away, causing a slow 50 damage pain to the enemy/player that causes a slow debuff and a bleeding debuff that lasts about 15 seconds or until you see a nurse.

Shot-trap: It's a 2x1 shotgun sticking out of a silver block. Wire up, place anywhere it can go, even in the air! and it shoots bullets with each pull of a lever/step on a pressure plate, or if you're handier than that, even quicker with repeaters. Made from a shotgun, 1 illegal gun parts, 500 bullets, 5 dart traps and five souls of sight. Does as much damage as the normal shotgun, but is more of a trap than a warning. USES AMMO, WOULD NEED TO BE REFILLED EACH TIME IT RUNS OUT

Spike trap!: 1x5 trap that deals 400 damage to ANYTHING it touches (PROP IT UP AGAINST ANY BLOCK), mainly for killing players in PVP who try to invade your house. Wire up blah blah press lever it smashes in a 3 block wide direction, and enjoy! made from 30 spikes, 30 iron bars, 25 copper bars, three pressure plates, and 5 souls of might and fright (Hey, gotta have a price to pay for something this good!)

Electric cage (Idea by Koggeh): 4x3 electrical cage (DUUUUUH) that will trap any player or monster that is at least a players' height and causes a rapid 10 damage until a lever is pulled, or the cage is destroyed. Would need to be hooked up with wire. Made from 40 gold bars (Gotta need an electrical current goin, right?), 15 souls of light (Energetic energy (REDUNDANCY) source to power it.), 3 Laser rifle/that thing that rapidly fires lasers, 5 souls of fright (Thunderbolts and lightning are very very frightning, indeed!), and a soul of night.

S-T2: Electric Boogaloo: Same as the normal shot-trap, but you make this with a shot-trap, 160 souls of fright (A jolt would startle you, no?), and only difference would be that it gives you a broken armor debuff, which is why it costs so much SoFright. Only accepts crystal bullets, but fires normal bullets

S-T2: FLAME WAR!: Same as shot-trap, but you make this with a shot-trap, 250 hellstone bars, and 140 souls of might (Flame is a hard thing to put out when it's on you, which makes it so mighty AND EXPENSIVE!). Uses ammo normally, but only accepts cursed bullets.

S-T2: Hollowed enemies: Same as S-T2's but you use it and 200 souls of sight because it does +30 more damage than it normally would. Sometimes with a shotgun, it's a matter of where you hit, and seeing as the spread on this is TERRIBLE, it uses souls of sight as ammo which makes it fire normally. Any other kind of bullet will use the effect...At the cost of terrible spread.

Cartoon classic A: This drops an iron anvil that does 200 damage, can only be placed on a 2x2 ceiling, and you need to use an iron anvil, two levers, and three torches. Appearance is a box with "BAM" in a cliche-ish action-bubble used in comics, and can be reloaded with ONLY ONE IROOOOOON anvil. IRON. Not Mythril. Made from 10 wood, three black dye, two green dye (Words in black, action bubble in green), two active stone block (As a little thing that holds the anvil). Box color besides the decals on it is blue. USES WIRE LIKE ERRYTHING ELSE HERE

Cartoon classic B: This drops a mythril anvil that does 400 damage, same in the way CC A drops it's anvil, same 2x2 thing and all. "BAM" is green now, meaning 3 green dye, and that means the action bubble is black. Box color besides the action bubble is red. THIS ONLY DROPS MYTHRIL. USES WIRE LIKE ERRYTHING ELSE HERE

Sentry 2: armor piercing: Same damage as sentry, but causes the "Broken Armor" debuff, and the bleeding debuff. Costs 200 souls of might (The souls give the bullets th' power to punch through yo-er...enemies.) and the sentry. Uses meteor shots. Will be able to be stacked in two, and makes two.

Sentry 2: Explosive results. Same as sentry, but this is stronger (Does 30-40ish damage), and does very strong knockback. Requires 200 souls of fright and 50 dynamite (Hey, gotta balance this behemoth out somehow!). Fires cursed bullets, and for every 250 bullets used (In terms of fired, as in one = a burst.), it uses a dynamite. Crafts two ER's, and can be stacked in the inventory

Sentry 2: Bean-bag bullets: Same as sentry, is slightly weaker (Does 4 damage), but causes a 20-second slowed, 10 second confused debuff, and 8 second weak debuff. Requires 160 souls of sight and a sentry. Will stack in stacks of 2, and crafts two somehow.

THE MJ: Shoots out an orange orb that has a bounce effect similar to the fire flower, but has a black streak on it that looks like a *, which deals MASSIVE damage to anything in it's path. Slow fall and rise speed, ricochets 10 times

The bait trap (IDEA NAME AND FUNCTION BY KOGGEH): Ooh, look, a wood/gold/shadow chest of a player! Beeeeeeeeetter ooooooooooopen iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-*BOOM*. Ouch, looks like you got owned there, my friend! Guess you shoulda robbed a V8. The bait trap is any kind of chest that explodes when you right-click it, but doesn't destroy any blocks. Made from 1 soul of fright, 2 souls of night (shadow) or 2 souls of light (Gold, wood uses no souls of night/light), 2 iron bars, 8 wood, and 5 demonite (shadow), or gold bars (Gold...duh.), wood needs no demonite or gold bars

Post suggestions (ONLY TRAP NAMES!) here, if you want, and tell me what you think of my ideas!