THE SHOT TRAAAP - made by LumpZ

Shot trap is <3 thank you lumpzy

Clockshark: 35 damage, looks like a more mechanical Megashark, fires bursts of 3, has a 60% chance to save ammo, but uses two ammo for one burst. Still a bargain~! Fire speed: Insanely fast. Obviously ranged weapon. Made from a clockwork assult rifle, a megashark, and 50 souls of might


SOUP HOWITZERRRRRRR: Furniture/weapon. Large howitzer (About the size of the required living space for an NPC), fires 100 cans of soup at once, does 600 damage, large explosion radius. Can NOT be aimed, fires straight ahead, but has gravity effect. Protip: Best used at the middle of a tower-house or the roof. Explosion that of a meteorite striking down. Made from 600 iron bars, 600 cans of soup, and 100 souls of might, fright, and sight. Reason for expensive product? IT'S SO FREAKING POWERFUL, THAT'S WHY. WILL NEED TO BE RELOADED AND WILL ONLY FIRE 100 CANS OF SOUP AT ONCE

The Destroyer: Magic weapon. Does 50 damage, uses 25 MP to fire. Looks like it shoots a gravity-effected basket ball. Hmm, totally not foreshadowing to I Wanna Be the Destroyer at all. Made from 50 of each soul

Trash compacter: Ranged. Does 25 damage based on the size of what it throws. Furniture/ranged. Looks like a rocket launcher on a tripod, but if right clicked, has an ammo capacity of crash to shoot. What it shoots is not effected by gravity. Made from a trash can, three wood, 3 illegal gun parts, and 50 of each soul (For how OP it is). DAMAGE BASED ON SIZE: EXAMPLES. Uses any material. things that have the size of one block to 25 damage, like any wood or dirt, or block. If in a stack, fires all at once, so 10 dungeon bricks would do 250 damage, but will fire them all at once in a shotgun pattern.

Anger impact: Magic. Summons a chaos elemental face that spins around and hones in on any enemy. Does 75 damage, uses 45 MP to use. Reference to Megaman Battle Network 4. Made from 40 of all souls except flight, fright, or sight.

Pic of Dysentary: "I AM COMPLE-*Coughing fit*" Magic weapon. Does 500 damage, but fires STRAIGHT UP from you, uses 400 MP (To completely offset the high damage output), gives enemies a "Dysentary" debuff that makes them lose 50 HP for twenty seconds.