Tofu: made from one soul of light and one gel. Used in making the Fakin Bacon, but also can heal you for 1 HP. No potion sickness.

Pig NPC, 5 HP, it's just a pig...doesn't really do anything but walk around. Randomly spawns in grassy areas, or hallowed areas. Drops: Ham.

Ham: Healing item, heals you by 10 HP. Eh, not to good.

BACOOOOON: Heals you by 200 HP. Made from 10 ham and 10 ham grease at a furnace.

GREASE: Used in making bacon! Made from one ham at a furnace.

Bacon blade: "Lets enemies die happy." 75 damage, melee, one big ol' piece of bacon that swings at NORMAL SPEED. Made from 250 bacon at a mythril anvil

Mini-bacon: 'Fatning in Vitamin D. For death." 30 damage, fires insanely fast, uses Bacon Bits for ammo, made from megashark, 250 bacon, and Pig King's snout at mythril anvil.

Bacon cookbook: "Recipies include bacon, bacon, and bacon!" Does 36 damage, fires insanely fast, made from Pig King's Bacon, 500 bacon, and Crystal Storm at a mythril anvil. (Mana usage is 8)

BACON BITS: 1 bacon for 25 bits. Used as ammo in the bacon gun


Bacon mask: "we are what we eat!" looks like a bacon version of a Hallowed Helmet, has 32 defense, increases melee stats by 20% each (Swing speed, crit chance, damage.) Made from all three hallow helmets, 750 bacon, and King Pig's snout at a mythril anvil

Bacon breastplate: "Not beefcakes, but the next best thing" 23 defense, increases max mana by 30, made from Pig King's bacon, 500 bacon, and a Hallowed Plate mail at a mythril anvil

Pig's feet: "Float like a hog, sting like a fly" 16 defense, critical strike chance + 12%, 21%+ ranged damage, made from Pig King's feet, 250 bacon, and Hallow greaves at a mythril anvil.

TRUE PIG BONUS: +10 defense and melee damage, but halved speed


Fakin' bacon: Made from 250 tofu, and 250 ham grease. "Summons pig king!"

Pig mask: The head of a pig, rarely dropped from pigs. (1/2,500 chance)


THE PIG KING: The king of pigs, who has come back from his kingdom to smite the one who dare made "Fakin' bacon" as an insult to his people! (Can only be summoned in daylight)

HP: 250,000

DEF: 35


PIG BOMBS: He throws one of his loyal kamakaz-pigs that explode after bouncing three times. Grenade-like explosion, does 100 damage on explosion, 25 if hit with it.

MACH 13 PIG EXPLOSION (NMH reference): If it hits night time without beating him, he gets angry and will start throwing pig bombs like crazy, except with the force of a million skeletron prime spinning heads. AKA insta-kill. After 10 seconds, a bacon missile will land on PK and explode him...and you.

PIG TURRETS: Pigs on his back that have 250 HP, drop ham when killed, and shoot pig snot at you while alive that does 20 damage.

MIGHTY SNOT: Eww! Shoots giant green bullet-like snot balls (Roughly the size of EoW's head) that does 50 damage

BACON MISSILE: Before M13PE, he fires a missile out of his back that looks like it's made out of kamakaz-pigs, that will drop on him after 20 seconds (10 seconds to fire the missile, then 10 doing mach 13 pig explosion) and kill him (and you), explosion is the width of five pig kings, height of four. Missile does 250k damage, to ensure it kills the pig king. If hit with this, he drops nothing.


PK's snout (33% to drop): Just his snout! Used for crafting.

PK's bacon (33% to drop): The most delicious bacon! Used for crafting

PK's feet (33% to drop): The feet that helped the king crush his enemies...Now in your hands! Better wash em though. Used for crafting

Pig king is roughly the size of 11 Skeletron heads put together (one is the head of the king, of course, two are the legs, and 8 would be the body. shown as a large pig with a crown on his head), moves slowly (Best summoned in an arena-like structure), can not destroy anything with pig bombs, and contact with him does 75 damage.