VAMPIRE SLAYER: 75 Melee damage. Autofires at normal speed Tooltip: "Die, monster!" Does more damage when you have lower health. Should act like a lance, except can only hit in front of the player, as like a shortsword, but with Dark Lance range. Reference to Castlevania. Image: ...A whip.

SWED: 50 magic damage, 25 MP per second. Tooltip: "Drop it like it's hot!" Should have the range of a flamethrower, but the color of the flames being gray. Image: An odd leaf. Speed: Insanely fast

Lollipop of sunny doom: 10 damage. Melee. Strong knockback. Autofires fast. Tooltip: "Other team is baby!" Each hit has a 1/300 chance to cause the "Big baby" debuff, which halves all stats. Reference to Meet the Pyro/TF2. Made from 50 souls of fright and might, 50 souls of light. Img: Long lollipop with some teeth on the candy part.

Cheer team: Summons one of three Japanese-looking male cheerleaders that can give you random buffs. Can not be gotten rid of while active. Only gives one buff per use. Effect time: 5 minutes (For the buff and cheerleader). Referense to Osu! Tatake! Ouendan! MP use: 200. Made from Fairy Bell, orb of light, 50 souls of might, 50 souls of light. Tooltip: "Osu!". Img: An action bubble with a "300" in it.

Stun n' gun: Melee/ranged. 30 DMG (Melee). 20 DMG (Ran.) Melee hit = strong knockback. Ranged hit(s) = weak knockback. Throw a Tommy Gun, if it hits an enemy within a medium-ranged distance, enemy is slowed for one second, T gun will return and (only if it hits an enemy) fire three bullets insanely fast (Slightly faster than the megashark). Melee will always do 30 or over DMG. Made from Clockwork Assult Rifle, magic boomerang, 50 souls of sight and fright. Img: Tommy gun.

Robogun: Ranged. 35 damage. fires twice, normal speed. click to fire, not autofire. Tooltip: "Your move...Creep.". Made from pheonix pistol, one dynamite, and 10 of all souls. Img: A gun looking like Robocop's Gun. Reference guessed it: ROBOCAUP

Platidimond Excalishield. Gives +65 DEF. Accessory. Made from 500 platinum, 100 diamonds, and two Excaliburs. Img: A round, platinum shield with diamond surrounding the circumfurence, and a hallow-ish middle. Effect can stack, if you *really* think you can make a SECOND...Or, god forbid, third one. Or even the first.