Long ago, there was talk of a young warrior named G, whose fist punched whole kingdoms to bits with one hard blow. Anyone who stood in his path was crushed to blood and guts, while the lucky survivors, one who was a giant, punched so hard that all that remained were his arms and skull, wandered off, covered in fury and the urge for vengance. G's other weapons were his magic Trilby, and his shotgun minigun. G died after one hundred and fifty six years of crushing enemies, as he died while fighting the godly Destroyer (No, not that destroyer), as he was much too strong for the old and hardened G. Some say that his remaints were hidden with the Destroyer himself. But who knows? Maybe it's just a tale...Maybe it is true. Will you find out?


G's hat: 65 magic damage. Uses 30 MP. Fires slowly. "G's sacred trilby, used as a boomerang for his whole life." Boomerang-like throwing effect. Made from the Archaeologist's hat, and 250 souls of g.

The shotgun minigun: 35 ranged damage. Fires insanely fast. Shotgun spread. Can only fire for three seconds at a time due to how OP it is, takes five seconds to be able to fire again. "Swiss cheese!" Made from a shotgun + minigun + 250 souls of g.

The ragefist: The ultimate melee weapon. 100 damage, insane knockback, fires normally. Shortsword range, but can be pointed anywhere. Autofires. Dropped by g (1/1000 chance)

Minigun: 30 damage, fires two shots at an insanely fast speed, can shoot for 25 seconds straight before stopping (provided you have the ammo to shoot that long). Made from 10 Megasharks, and one soul of g


The bomb hat. Same stats as the Hallowed helmet, but gives you a perm' effect that makes it so that you deal grenade damage to enemies who touch you. Made from 250 bombs, the Hallowed Helmet, and 10 souls of the Destroyer. Makes your head look like a bomb.

The Contestant's armor: Doubles the amount of damage dealt and received. Reference to the main character of would-be I Wanna Be the Destroyer. Same stat as the Hallowed Armor. Looks like armor made from basketballs...huh. Drop from The Destroyer's Reincarnation (1/500 chance)

Handgun feet?!: Increases speed by a lot. Same stats as Hallow Greaves. Looks like two handguns. Made from two pheonix blasters, 50 souls of the Destroyer, and the Destroyer's ball.


Failed clone: 500 HP, 100 DEF and melee attack. It looks like a deformed version...of g?! 1/50 chance to drop "g's call". Found in Underground Corruption rarely.

G's warrior: 3000 HP, 50 def, and deals 80 melee damage on contact. Looks like a gray stone statue that has "g" on it. Always drops G's call, is found rarely in the sky islands

Living basketball?!: 1000 HP, 75 DEF, and deals 80 damage regardless of armor. 1/100 chance to drop "The Destroyer's journal". huh. Found in underground hallow rarely.


Destroyer's journal: All it talks about inside is basketball...huh. Summons The Destroyer (Again, not the giant robotic snake.)

G's call: Looks like a picture of two people. One of them a male with an oversized fist.


THE DESTROYER...'S REINCARNATION: What?! The Destroyer is alive?! Oh no, he has 90k HP, 100 ranged AND melee (aka if he touches you), and 100 defence! Wait. that's...A collosal basketball that shoots basketballs that explode into SMALLER BALLS!? They seem to do 100 damage if they hit you, but they don't split into the smaller ones. The smaller ones release on ground contact, but only do 26 damage. TDR's melee attacks are flinging a stone fist at you (50 damage, and knocks you back, while giving you the broken armor debuff), and...rolling over you. Which would hurt. A lot. Drops the Contestant's armor (1/500 chance) and the Destroyer's soul upon death (25 of them)

G'S ZOMBIE: He's a zombieeeeeeee! oooooooo-wait. G IS ALIVE AGAIN!? You IDIOT, what have you DONE!? He has 75k hp, is the size of you, the player, and uses his weapons! His defense is 100, while his melee and ranged are 400 (M), and 35 (hat/ranged)! Except...His shotgun minigun fires for two seconds, and he rarely uses it. Huh. He throws multiple duplicates of his hats at you in all directions, and...don't get close to him. He will punch you TO DEATH. He moves slowly (So he doesn't just warp to you and ragefist you instantly), and he really likes using his hat. Looks like a set of Hallow Armor that moves, but is oddly rusted and green. Also...kind of torn in places. Drops the ragefist (1/1000) upon death. Will ALWAYS drop 75 g's souls upon death.


G's soul: "Soul of the lost warrior" Looks like a gray-red-ish soul. Used in making various things.

Soul of the Destroyer: "Soul of...wait, is this a basketball!?" Looks like a ghostly basketball. Used in various things.

The destroyer's gaze: "It watches you. And bounces." It acts like a pet, but bounces behind you, dealing 75 damage to enemies behind you, and confuses them. Made from 250 Destroyer's soul, and the destroyer's journal. (Turns out it was a spellbook used to summon that!) Looks like a basketball on a book tomb.