Not a mod, just ideas!

Mob Boss: "If ya don't kill em, leave their horses' head on the foot of their bed!" Ranged, 35 damage, insanely fast speed, no knockback, 10% chance to not use ammo. Made from megashark, ten black dye, a shotgun, and flamethrower. Should look like a tommy gun.

SOUP-MINI: "Andy Warhol would be proud." Fires normal sized cans of soup in place of bullets*, that explode upon contact with enemies (Or terrain), does 54 ranged damage. Ammo used is dynamite. It's like if you combined a soup launcher and a minigun. Fires at a normal speed, high knockback. (*Well, no bullets used, just dynamite)

soup launcher: "I was out of ideas!" Fires cans at a slow speed, does 75 ranged damage, very high knockback, uses grenades as ammo. Hey, tasty, right? Made with 50 grenades, one illegal weapons parts, and 250 gel. No relation to the grenade launcher in the Dream mod.

Eggplant grenades: "I'm finished!" Lol reference to kid icarus. Dropped by mimics*. Does 45 magic damage, and has a chance (25%) to give enemies one of four debuffs (Cursed inferno, weak, slow, or confused). Mana usage: 50 a throw, due to the high chance of status effects. (*If there's a way to change already existing enemies' drops and drop rates)

FCM: "Hey, my uncle died of a FCM!" Handgun that shoots a white-pink water bolt, does 60 ranged damage, very slow fire rate, has a chance to cause a "Funky fresh" debuff that gives enemies +10 defense for 30 seconds, but confuses them and makes their health drain 5 a second. Made from a handgun, water bolt, one illegal gun part. Made at a mix master*

Tough guy: "Think you're so big? Prove it!" 85 melee damage, insanely fast auto-fire, high knockback. Hmm. What's the catch, you ask? It deals 15 damage to you per hit on an enemy. Ouch. Can't kill you, though, but can leave you at a mere 1 HP. Made from Excalibur, a suicide gun*, and a mechanical skull.

Suicide gun: Pointless weapon that kills you, mainly for the purpose of making the tough guy. Made from a soul of might and a pheonix handgun

Mix master: Crafting station for music-related weapons. Made from two disks, a workbench, and two spikes.

Disks: Made at any forge by an iron bar, and two glass.

Vanilla Ice: "Alright stop-" 25 ranged damage, has a chance to make enemies stop in place for three seconds, weak knockback, and made at a mix master with a handgun, 13 meteorite bars, a bottle of water, and a sapphire.

Guilty as charged: "Spend forever in death jail." Long, white sword that swings fast, does 50 melee damage, and has a high knockback. Sword's long-ness should be about that of a Blade of Grass

Frozen soup launcher: Everyone's icing, so why don't I ice a weapon idea? Does 60 damage per shot, uses frozen cans of soup as ammo, fires normally, and has very strooooong knockback. Made from a soup launcher and a frozen helmet (Seeing as this is an idea only for Hellexarus' mod, if he accepts it). Has 8% chance to give players the Well Fed buff when shooting

Frozen cans a' soup: Duh. Makes 250 cans, uses 250 cans a' soup (And that is made from 10 iron bars, and 50 bowls of soup for 50 cans. Expensive, rite?), and a soul of light.

FREEZE IT UP: Aww yea, this is a frozen soup-mini. Does 60 damage per shot AND explosion, uses frozen soup cans, weak knockback, very fast firing speed. Made from a soup mini, a frozen breastplate, and ten souls of might (Hellex's mod in the making only, if accepted