Hello. I am Thewalkingdead123 and I have some possibly helpful information for console Terraria, along with my username for PSN for people who want to play together.

Console 1.2

So, as many know, Terraria console is $15.00 in the US, as the computer version is a mere $10.00. This means console edition should have more exclusive content, but with the 1.2 release on PC, this is not true.

This tells us the full 1.2 will be released on console, and with some other items, too, possibly. And if it didn't, console Terraria would just be a rip-off.

PSN Multiplayer

I am going to give my PSN user so some other users can play multiplayer with me.

My user is: mrpieguy82.

I hope some of you add me, and in the request, write "Terraria" so I know you are from the Wikia. If not, just tell your username in the comments so I know who you are.


So I hope my post was helpful for you, and I will possibly bring more theories for the console edition of Terrari in the future. Thank you for reading, goodbye.