No one has noticed the true potential of the Spelunker Potion. Need to find ores fast? Well this is what you are definitely looking for and the best thing is, you only need to use the Spelunker Potion once.

Here are the simple steps of "abusing" the Spelunker Potion. This takes time but it locates all the ores. I did mine in a Hellevatoras it is much more easier.

Activate the Spelunker Potion, print-screen every couple platforms [assuming you have platforms in your Hellevator].

I opened a powerpoint and pasted all the images, formated them to make them look fancy and merged each picture. I now have an "ore map" of my Hellavator and as shown in the picture, I have lots of mining to do :)

Spelunker Potion.png

Spelunker Potion is Over Powered!