Hi There!

So, you found your way onto my new blog! I have been playing terraria console (Xbox 360) for about three months now. I thought that we could make our own bosses, weather they be funny, creative, destructive, good ideas, or just random ones.

So, My boss rarely spawns in Hardmode, before you have beaten all 3 Mech. Bosses, or if you summon all three mech. bosses at the same time. it has Skeletron Prime's skull for a head, Twins for eyes, and multiple Destroyers as tentacles. Drops: 30-50 Souls Of Fright, Sight, and Might, 20-30 Shroomite Bars, 5 Platinum Coins, and the TimTim staff. (TimTim is a Tobuscus character.) TimTim staff summons Tim Tim minions, wich do 150 Damage to enemies, and can repeat block placing patterns. (e.g. To create multiple houses at once.)

So, what are your ideas?