• Trollipopz

    Guys there are new pictures on the steam page!

    Go check it out fast!

    Theres some sort of clown on an orange ball.

    And some sort of holy armor.

    Check it out for yourself.

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  • Trollipopz

    So i saw the new bosses have LOTS of hp and im pretty sure i can't defeat them by myself.

    So who does wants to play Terraria 1.1 with me when it comes out?

    We can do each boss twice so we both get drops :3.

    I would love to play 1.1 with someone so tell this if your interested:

    Your steam: Your steam username

    Age: Tell your age - btw If you under 13 your not meant to use the site, so don't mention it or you will be blocked.

    Cheater: Yes/no ( this is because its not cool to play with someone with like 9999 hp) ( also don't wanna play with someone who hacked all his good stuff in 1.1)

    Good items: Yes/no (i mean the best items like Molten pickaxe, Muramasa, etc and after 1.1 even better then those probably)

    Experienced: Yes/no (also tell the amount of…

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