So i saw the new bosses have LOTS of hp and im pretty sure i can't defeat them by myself.

So who does wants to play Terraria 1.1 with me when it comes out?

We can do each boss twice so we both get drops :3.

I would love to play 1.1 with someone so tell this if your interested:

Your steam: Your steam username

Age: Tell your age - btw If you under 13 your not meant to use the site, so don't mention it or you will be blocked.

Cheater: Yes/no ( this is because its not cool to play with someone with like 9999 hp) ( also don't wanna play with someone who hacked all his good stuff in 1.1)

Good items: Yes/no (i mean the best items like Molten pickaxe, Muramasa, etc and after 1.1 even better then those probably)

Experienced: Yes/no (also tell the amount of hours or minutes you played)

We can also play with like 3 people.

Depending on if you have a good host i will probably put up the server.

( also i just started a new character and im gonna try to get as far as possible before 1 december so don't be surprised if i come with bad weapons)

Also, i have shame to say it but, I played the crack version for a long time although i bought the game like 5 days ago. So thats why my hours are pretty low