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    This is my first fanfiction, if you don't like it, thats your opinion. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a fanfic. The Trueful, Somewhat helpful, Cobalion 20:49, June 18, 2014 (UTC)

    Long ago, in a new land of Terraria, the demigods made the land seemingly perfect. Nothing was in ruins, the Harpies roamed freely, and life was perfect. Sadly... it was brief, the gods of the underworld attacked, killing every demigod that purified the world. With a sign of their invasion, the evil gods corrupted the eyes, making them alive and evil. They released the eyes into the open, everything went chaos. 

    Fortunately, three heroic mortals will try and set things in order, one was cowardly, but she who knew alot about magic, her name was Ariel. While another one w…

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