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  • Turboplant

    Hello, Wikia, I have amassed a collection of Souls of Flight that I'd like to trade off. I know they're not super valuable, but if I could get either Light or Night in exchange for them, I would be elated.

    I'm willing to offer 2 Souls of Flight for every Night or Light brought to me. I suppose the price is negotiable, but in order to make this transaction you must first provide a server.


    Turboplant 21:49, January 12, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Turboplant

    I'm looking for the following items and materials. I please post your requested pay in exchange for these items and your preferred mode of contact in the comments or via private message. Alternatively you may contact me via Steam, my username is "Turboplant" and public comments are enabled on the profile.

    • Compass
    • 20 Souls of Fright
    • Moon Charm

    That's all for this week! I will update this entry as the requests are satisfied. Handouts are appreciated!

    User:The Pathogen was gracious enough to donate these items. Way to go!

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