• Tylermbass

    wall of steel!

    July 24, 2014 by Tylermbass

    if you keep an eye on the fan ideas wiki, you will know that a wall of steel is one of the most popular ideas on the wiki. here is the sprite: and the stats:

     Like the Wall of Flesh, the Wall of Steel has a mouth and two eyes. The eyes must be shot at first. Once they die, Probes and The Hungry will stop spawning out of the mouth. Before the eyes' death, the rest of the body is indestructible. When the eyes die, the mouth will start breathing fire at the player. The rest of the body will be covered with spines that inflict damage to any player that attacks it with a melee attack. The eyes each have 4,000 health and the mouth has 6,000. Once the mouth dies, the entire body will be…

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