I think that it would be really cool to have a giant rabbit boss.

it could be summoned by fragrant flowers.



4-yellow marigolds

4-sky blue flowers

15 souls of sight

12 souls of night

12 souls of light

the boss could be an enlarged normal bunny sprite and it could be called the beastly bunny.

1st phase it would hop around and try to hurt the player

2nd phase it would hop around and try to hurt the player whilst shooting deadly carrots in the air and directly and would also shoot explosive easter eggs and become faster.

the beastly bunny could be as large as the king slime in width and with the dimensions of a normal bunny and in it's second phase it could look like a corrupt bunny.


1 of the following;

carrot seeds (crimson)

lettuce leaves (corruption)

carrot bow

wrecking lettuce

it will drop one of the following in addition;

rabbit greaves

rabbit scalemail

rabbit helm

it will drop all of the following;


platinum bars 30-80


souls of fright 10-20

hallowed bars 1-50

10% chance to drop;

Beastly Bunny Trophy