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  • I live in That One Place
  • I was born on October 20
  • I am A genderless, superior being
  • UnboundIsaac


    March 31, 2016 by UnboundIsaac

    What's your favorite monster/boss to kill or fight? My favorite enemy is the Rainbow Slime, just because of it's unique color(s) and what it drops. My favorite boss would have to be Turkor because he drops the Horn 'o' Plenty, one of the best healing items in the game. (In my opinion)

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  • UnboundIsaac

    Debuff Disaster!

    February 16, 2016 by UnboundIsaac

    Which Debuffs in Terraria would be the worst to have in real life?

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  • UnboundIsaac

    New Name!

    February 9, 2016 by UnboundIsaac

    Isaac1576 is now UnboundIsaac, just to let everyone know that isn't aware:p

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  • UnboundIsaac

    Presents, w00t!

    December 2, 2015 by UnboundIsaac

    Just wanted to ask, what's up with the presents in mobile? It seems like they only work near my NPCs or their homes. Anywhere else I use em, they just disappear from my inventory, and give me nothing. UPDATE! This has been fixed!!

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  • UnboundIsaac

    Favorite Potions

    November 5, 2015 by UnboundIsaac

    What's your favorite potion to use? It doesn't have to pertain to battles, these can just be potions you use for convenience or for fun

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