Hi guys i found a easy way to take down the WoF: NADES!

It's not the cheaper way to defeat the WoF, but you are sure that the hungry will blow up before you do!

You must build a long bridge in the underworld where you can move without having to jump or avoid lava.

At the edge of the bridge pour a bucket of lava that you need to throw the Guide Voodoo Doll inside the lava.

When the WoF will reach your bridge, aim at The Hungry using grenades. 30 will be rougly enouth.

A common error is to aim directly at the eyes and the mouth of the wall of flesh, cuz the hungry becomes more powerfull when the WoF is at low HP.

Once you killed all the hungries you can aim directly at the eyes (not at the mouth, cuz eyes have no def while mouth have got 12 def) using a minishark or any Ranged weapon you want. 500 bullets are OK (minishark) or even 300 if you are using a pheonix blaster.

Always take with you more ammo then you need!!!

The WoF Become faster when he lose HP so a swiftness potion is essential if you don't want to touch him.

The Ironskin potion is also very important because it raise up your defence of 8 points, so the lazers won deal you much damage at the start.

The hunter potion helps you avoid flying hungries and the leechs that the WoF poke up.

I hope this helped peoples that like me found the WoF unbeatable.

I'm sorry if i didn't wrote some sentences correctly, but i'm italian and i don't speak english perfectly.