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    Hi fellows. I got a question for you. What accesories would maximize my magic damage? I have got these accesories: 

    - Spooky Wings - MENACING

    - Star Veil - MENACING

    - Sorcerer Emblem - MENACING

    - Magic Cuffs - MENACING

    and a 

    - Celestial Stone - MENACING. 

    I am using spectre set of course, godly bat scepter, (mythical: rainbow gun, shadowbeam, magnet sphere)

    What to do to increase my magic dmg? Do i need to change some of my accesories? Please help guys. 

    Cheers from Poland!

    BTW. I am looking for frozen key mold, I can give hallowed one for it. 

    BTW#2 - Sorry for my name - its just my facebook adress 

    BTW#3 - Sorry for my bad english, im from EU so i can not speak it that properly. 

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