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    Terraria itself has some gothic furniture and dungeons, so why not to give it a shot? New background also would cheer up (Or down, because it is gothic?) overall look of the Terraria wiki.

    More info at:

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  • ValdemarFIN

    1. Blog posts about stupid and useless top 10 and possible poll on them.

    Seriously, if you are going to blog post something, make it worth it. No one wants to see blog feed flooded on some favorite / least favourite stuff.

    On the other hand some people want to collect some data what community likes or not, but judging by vote count it doesn't really matter, and it usually is the most late game item (because Terraria doesn't really offer that much of on-par alternatives).

    If you are going to write something, make it mindful and make it cause some discussion whether or not your opinions are the most valid ones.

    Also before you rant he did it just to get the badge, I have it already.

    PS They should implement some kind of rating mechanic, so poster only …

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  • ValdemarFIN

    Now as of 1.2 there are now new ores that can spawn instead of normal ones. I would like to call it alternative ore palette as every ore in there is counterpart to old ones. So, when you edit new ores and pages about them, I think you should use aforementioned words (alternative ore palette' 'and' 'counterpart remember?).

    I think they sound quite good in absence of official words.

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  • ValdemarFIN

    Terraria just got 2 times awesomer than ever.

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