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    January 8, 2015 by ValkaesPlays

    The key to farming is stability and and setup. A farm with a small setup will more likely be less productive, as larger farms spawn more creatures. Yet, as larger farms spawn more creatures, you want it not to be too large. This is because of the higher chance of monsters dying before they reach the point of gathering. So, i recommend a farm about 120-160 blocks wide, 50-65 blocks high. There are many types of farms but a dart/spear trap is almost the highest in production and effectiveness.

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    Farming Mobs

    January 6, 2015 by ValkaesPlays

    Hello everyone I am going to be showing you how to farm all sorts of creatures in Terraria. I hope you enjoy this and find it helpful. This is an overworld creature farm (non-flying creatures only.)

    For overworld creatures to spawn most often put a water candle near you. Then put dirt in rows for them to spawn on. Wire dart traps at the end of the row to a 3 second timer. This will cause them to either die or fall into a lava pit (put this at the opposite ends of the row with the dart traps in it.) Fill each pit with ONLY ONE BUCKET OF LAVA so the loot will not burn. Set up a place you can stay so the mobs will be attracted to you. This is how I made my farm, it also rarely spawns mimics. Good luck!

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