I don`t remember much about my first days in Terraria. Don`t remember my first night, don`t remember my first armour set, don`t remember my first trip to the dungeon, don`t even remember how i stopped to play. But the very first fight with Eye of Cthulhu is curved in my mind forever. Every tiny detail about this battle, preparing, building arena, battle itself is clear as if it was yesterday. So why i am telling you this? Back then, 3 years ago, it was immpossible to imagine, that someday a 20 times more powerfull bosses could be killed in less than a second. 


Little prologue ends, lets get started.

 The point of every speedkill in every game is to kill a boss in the fastest way possible. In terraria time starts with the first hit and ends right after "....has been defeated". Thats not my rule - every terraria speedkill on YT follows this rule.


Attention - at some bosses (only slow mo parts) you can see a bugged/desync timer. It shows a few miliseconds more than it should be. The preview was absolutely normal and i have no idea why this happends. I have no reason to lie to you. Why i need to remove a few seconds from the original time, if the time is allready much much faster than any other speedkill on yt? 'I hope you understand me.

To get your attention i made this trailer/teaser, showcasing my speedkill

"Terraria Speedkills Collection" - Teaser01:39

"Terraria Speedkills Collection" - Teaser

"Terraria Speedkills Collection" - Teaser

The speedkills itself you can find in annotation at the end of the video, in video decription or in the comment section.

Also, here is the link for the playlist "Terraria Speedkills Collection"

Hope you will enjoy watching this!