• Veridie

    moon's new beginning

    August 21, 2014 by Veridie

    "Oh wof I will find a way to revive you"said queen moon. "Moon you need to see this" said glow the lead of all friendly ghosts. "What happend where is every one it's a blood moon everyone should be swamming." "Even Zarina is gone." "I'm going to the underworld to talk to zumbs." "Okay I'm staying here to look after Lilly." Said glow "Okay glow." after a long journey moon made it to the underworld "zumbus I've got something to say to you." Said moon I'm no longer big flesh." Said zommbus "is it can it be true WOF!" "Moon it's been along time." "Wof you know I always loved you." "You can live in the fire castle and we'll be best friends agin." Ok moon it's good to be back."

    the end till the next adventure

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