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Harbinger Gaming Clan - Members wanted

Harbinger Gaming Clan

Harbinger Gaming Clan is currently looking for members. We are a Gamng Clan that puts emphasis on the actual gaming with clan members as in:

-We help fellow Members.

-We share loot and take votes on positions in the clan.

-We have multiple servers for new and old members alike.

If you are interested please email me at or leave a message on my talk page. Also you can add me on steam :vincejonesiiii ( with four "i"s) OR you could go to the steam clan page and contact alzerath, Rehatzu, or Chaos

NOTE: we interview potential members by playing a few games with them to see if they are mature.

-We will not tolerate Badmouthing!

-We will not tolerate Greifing!

-We will not tolerate Stealing!

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