As all of you know, (If not, better get starting playing the game again), the 1.1.1 update came out the 15th.

As said/shown/told at all the forums, you can get gifts, and afterwards, these "Candy Cane Blocks"

The Green Candy Cane Brick


The Red Candy Cane Brick

These 2 unique building brciks (There's also a background wall for each of the candy cane colours),

are "somewhat" rare. Not saying they are this special thing, but grinding for like 1000 of them, can be a hard thing, in fact you get up to 40 bricks per gift only (If the ~is 25, and thers 50%, means you need to find ~80 presents.)

Today, me and my friends, made different monster traps, spawns, generators, and have gathered thousands of the bricks!

And after this event i will sell them for great prices >:D (The presents end after December 2011)

Want some of them?

Contact me :P

Here or on