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  • Warbad

    Hello everyone.

    I´m back(for the third time)!

    And now with a real project.

    Last year I had a project in mind called "United Mod"

    It was a failed project and ended up in me quitting both the wiki and the game. This time I´m working on a mod with a friend.

    Trinity Mod

    This mod will focus on giving the player new goals once they are done with the "main" game, but will also encourage the players to create a new character so they fully experience the mod. The mod itself will include lots of items to find, several bosses, lots more.

    We´re barely starting on the mod, so no pictures...

    I´m looking for coders.

    Mini F.A.Q:

    When will the mod be released?                                                                                                            …

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  • Warbad

    Hey everyone. How you doing? Recently, I started playing Terraria again. Playing the most epic game after 6 months...feels great. Going back to Terraria also means more activity here on the wiki. Back then, I was really active here. Probably the person making the most blog posts in a short period of time. Anyways, I came back and I feel more great than ever. Ready up for some major........edits?

    Hi to all newbies here.

    Achievements so far:

    Made a Hellavator.

    ·Yes, I had to get a new computer about 4 months ago, and I didn't back up my files so I had to start from scratch. I haven't even defeated any boss...yet.

    On a side note, I'm getting an Xbox 360 and I am definietly getting Terraria there. So starting January 15, be looking for Warbad on XB…

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  • Warbad


    October 8, 2012 by Warbad

    Hi everyone!!!! Do any of you remember me??? I was active here on this wiki about 4 months ago.....what a shame. I quit playing Terraria due to lack of updates. And do any of you remember my mod idea, and "work in progress"? I quitted on that too :P.

    Enough said, I recently saw that Terraria was going to go on XBLA and PS3 Network......WTF......I just thought of how weird the controls would be. But...WHY NOT COME TO WII? The controls on the Wii would be way better. The pointer would server as the "mouse". I guess Nintendo didn´t really want a sandbox game after that tradegy game that came out on 1994....My ideas of what the new content would appear(yes, I did saw the console trailer...just EPIC) is like new "exclusive" bosses and items. Tha…

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  • Warbad

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Terraria Sprites Volume 1. Since I am leaving today at noon and I have time to do this, so what the hey, might just upload it once in for all. Here are the links to all my blog post on sprites. Starting from Part 1 to 5.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    Part 5:

    I hope you take a moment to watch all of them if you haven't already. I guess this conlcludes Volume 1. Volu…

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  • Warbad

    Terraria United Mod

    April 6, 2012 by Warbad

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new mod announcement. The mod will be called "United Mod" as you can see from the title of this blog post.The title is maybe going to change, but I still don't know. This just a heads up that I will be releasing information of some stuff that is going to be in my mod. I've been roughly working on it because of school and my job. I've only done 1 weapon per week sadly. Well from now on I will be posting information about the Weapon/NPCs/Biomes etc. Information will be released next week as along with some other sprites I made for fun. If you want to see some sprites now of weapons that are going to be in my mod here are some. If you want to know the names and some "hint clues" about each weapon, go to my profil…

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