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(NEW PROJECT) Trinity Mod

Warbad July 12, 2013 User blog:Warbad

Hello everyone.

I´m back(for the third time)!

And now with a real project.

Last year I had a project in mind called "United Mod"

It was a failed project and ended up in me quitting both the wiki and the game. This time I´m working on a mod with a friend.

Trinity Mod

This mod will focus on giving the player new goals once they are done with the "main" game, but will also encourage the players to create a new character so they fully experience the mod. The mod itself will include lots of items to find, several bosses, lots more.

We´re barely starting on the mod, so no pictures...

I´m looking for coders.

Mini F.A.Q:

When will the mod be released?                                                                                                                            - Since we´re barely starting, I´m guessing towards the end of this year(once the hype about 1.2 is over).

How many people are working on the mod?                                                                                                       - We´re currently 2 people working on the mod. You can join if you want, though.

-Warbad (Coder)                                                                                                                                              -JoseDead (Sprite artist)

Some of my re-sprites are going to be in the mod such as my Lumina Weapons.                                        

Looking forward to hear your feedback when pictures are posted.

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