Hey everyone. How you doing? Recently, I started playing Terraria again. Playing the most epic game after 6 months...feels great. Going back to Terraria also means more activity here on the wiki. Back then, I was really active here. Probably the person making the most blog posts in a short period of time. Anyways, I came back and I feel more great than ever. Ready up for some major........edits?

Hi to all newbies here.

Achievements so far:

Made a Hellavator.

·Yes, I had to get a new computer about 4 months ago, and I didn't back up my files so I had to start from scratch. I haven't even defeated any boss...yet.

On a side note, I'm getting an Xbox 360 and I am definietly getting Terraria there. So starting January 15, be looking for Warbad on XBL if you wanna play with me.