Hi everyone!!!! Do any of you remember me??? I was active here on this wiki about 4 months ago.....what a shame. I quit playing Terraria due to lack of updates. And do any of you remember my mod idea, and "work in progress"? I quitted on that too :P.

Enough said, I recently saw that Terraria was going to go on XBLA and PS3 Network......WTF......I just thought of how weird the controls would be. But...WHY NOT COME TO WII? The controls on the Wii would be way better. The pointer would server as the "mouse". I guess Nintendo didn´t really want a sandbox game after that tradegy game that came out on 1994....My ideas of what the new content would appear(yes, I did saw the console trailer...just EPIC) is like new "exclusive" bosses and items. That is all....except for the more multiplayer content. So guys...what else do you think will come? Warbad wants tons of new bosses :D

No, I am not returning to this wiki (for those who knew or know me). Terraria isn´t my thing anymore like it used to be- It lost its touch.