Hello Everybody! I just made a new wiki called "History of Gaming Wiki" which I will put info from the really old classic games to the new ones. The information will be like; where can you find the games currently(Clssic Games) or what year it came out and on what system, and other interesting stuff. I need help because I will add a tons of pages.I will also need 2 admins to my wiki.They have to be responsible(I will look at your profile) If you check my wiki right now,there aren't pages created....yet! I am busy right now,but in the following weeks you will see tons of pages starting from the classic games.If you do want to be an admin at my wiki,you need to have more than 100 edits,never been blocked and not having trouble asking me to add a page.Also if you want to be an admin,and I approve you, I will send you the information on what to put on several pages.

Also,my inspiration on making a wiki is HeroGaming.He is such a good admin.Helpful as well.I hope someday,my wiki will grow up to be one of the most visited wikies.Mostly because you will find information about tons of games really fast.