Hello, and this is my first blog of Terraria game ideas I want to share and probably make the developers of Terraria see this in consideraion of taking some ideas into the game.

New Biome: A new biome called the "Heavens". This biome does not spawn on your regular world, you need a portal to get into the Heavens. The portal spawns randomly on the surface of the corruption on every time on a blood moon after unlocking Hardmode. When you go into the heavens, the grass is white and Angels(500 HP) spawn and after you kill them the have 2% change of dropping Angel Wings. In the Heavens, you can fight a new boss dragon(1000 HP) that does 50 damage and spawns randomly with a different color every time you go into the Heavens. In the Heavens there would be Holy Trees with can be turn into Holy Wood which is immune to bombs.The only way out of the Heavens is by going into the Immortal Portal wich spawns next to you when you enter the Heavens.

I would like some feedback and other ideas.This is some thing I had in my mind. I would post more blogs with more cool ideas and pictures for every new idea that I have.Hope you like this first idea.