Hello fellow PC Gamers! I am here posting a blog which you may think it's boring and useless. But oh well,here I go.2 days ago, I was working ona texture pack for Terraria(compatible with the Reborn Mod) and I went to eat after 3 hours of work. I left my laptop ON but I closed the lid. Well, meanwhile I was eating my family came to visit me. My nephew went directly to my room(where I had my laptop, and my videogames).Always when he came to my house, he went dicrectly to my room because he loves video games and PC games. He saw my laptop ON and opened the lid. Since I left the Paint program open with the Hallowed Armor picture with no sprites, my nephew decided to make a little change to the colors(He is 12 years old and loves Terraria) And when I came back form eating my dinner, he just changed some looks of the Armor. I decided to show you guys the sprites he did since I saved the

So what do you think of the sprites? I know he didn't add much to the third Armor set but oh well. Also, he named the second armor 'The colorful Hallowed Armor of Power" Isn't it dumb?

This are the sprites he made