Hello once again. So I asked my nephew to come over and work on the sprites one more time. He read the comments on the last blog post and he wasn't happy with the second comment. But he said yes to work once again. So what he come up with was awesome.

Dungeon Guardian Version 2

The Dungeon Guardian

This is the Dungeon Guardian. He told me that this was "Dark Side Protector"
Skeletron Prime Head Version 2

This one is Skeletron Prime's head. He called it "The Prime Nightmare" because of his head and arms(You'll see why later on)


Skeletron Prime Cannon Version 2

This is the Prime Cannon. You see it's colorful and all huh? Well, it's NOT. My nephew said the colors distract you from all the danger.(I will include this in my mod)

Skeletron Prime Vice Version 2

Following on the list of sprites is the Vice. It's clucher is as dangerous as the devil. This sprite is a reference to a robot boss in a game. Can you guess which one?

Skeletron Prime Laser Version 2

This is the Prime Laser. This sprite is also a reference to another robot boss in a game. Can you guess which one too?

Skeletron Prime Chainsaw Version 2

Probably my favorte of all, is the Prime saw. He told me that he just wanted to add this because when he fighted with Skeletron Prime, he got killed by his saw and as you know the graphics when you get killed(All the blood and stuff) He wanted to initialize that with making animated blood-like textures to the saw. Pretty neat huh?

My nephew said he would work as on much Sprites as he could.Hope you guys liked them.(If you didn't, well he doesn't care because he's barely a beginner at this type of programs that make sprites) Also expect a Part 3 tomorrow. HINT: The robot boss is a monster on a game that starts with Q.It was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment Systerm. AND the version of the boss was not released in the US version of the game, only the Japanese. Yeah guys, I mentioned a mod. I am currently working on a mod for Terraria. There will be up to more than 200 items and tons of bosses.