Hello everyone and welcome to my Terraria Sprites blog posts! In this part, I have only one sprite, the rest are my personal creations along as my nephew's.This time around you'll be eager to know more about my sprites due to something you will find out later.

Crazy Sword
Crazy Sword! This sword is a sprite that I made. Also, this will be in mod.

Deadly Demon Altar
Continuing, this is a Deadly Demon Altar. Also going to be in my mod. I used the same texture as the one I used with the Prime chainsaw as you can see.

Gangster Gun
This one is the Gangster Gun. This was made by my nephew. This is probably going to be in my mod as well. And for that reason, this sprite is on the Alpha stage.Meaning I will change it later.

Armor Helmet

Now we get something different. This a "Metal Helmet". Part of the "Metal Armor". This was also made by my nephew. The helmet is going to be in my mod, it's still on Alpha stage.

Metal Breastplate

Now this one is the "Metal Breastplate" made by me. As you can guess, it's going to be in my mod.

Metal Shorts

I wanted to make something unique for the characters in Terraria. So I created the "Metal Shorts". I thought it would look cool in a character. This is on Alpha stage.

That's all for now. Take in consideration that I am still intermediate with spriting. FACT: The Crazy Sword was based off a Molten Pickaxe image.Meaning I just used sprites over the image. You can notice that the sprites are different. That's because last time I only used the FILL tool on Now I used the PENCIL tool along woth others. Info on the items that are going to be in my mod will be put on a blog that I will post in about 2 weeks. Also, this blog post should've been posted on Sunday, but when I finished the blog and puiblished it, it load an error. It erased everything and I was too lazy to rewrite it because I had homework to do. Also, on the next Parts, my nephew won't have his sprites.He is not doing them anymore, he's now busy. So expect my original sprites. As I said before, expect a Part 4.