Hello Guys! Welcome to my fourth part of my sprites collection for Terraria. Again, these are just regular sprites based off Terraria images of the items in-game. This are all made by me this time as I mentioned it on the last part.Now, for the sprites that have a #1 before the description, it means that is going to be in my mod. So, just keep scrolling down and enjoying my sprites. Maybe read the description on the side a long.

Blade of Evil
#1) Starting of all, here we have the "Blade of Pow". As you can see, it's a reference to the Dao of Pow with the colors and the name.This was based off the Blade of Grass image.
Blue Emerald Hammer
  1. 1) Here we have the "Blue EmeraldHammer". Based off the Pwnhammer. This hammer looks quite nice and it's made out of Diamonds!
Fire Sword

This is the " Red Muramasa". You can probably tell already what is based off, but just for typing it's based off the Muramasa.

Metal Detector
  1. 1 Maybe)The "Metal Detector Chain" is based off the Grappling Hook.

Terraria Shark

Not much of a good sprite, but this is a Gray Shark."Found deep within the ocean"

Power Star
  1. 1) Just a basic sprite. The "Power Star". Based off a Fallen Star image.

Sorry for not having as much of cool sprites. But this week has been a really busy one with my school and part time job. So I barely had little time to make a sprite. So guys, I have a question.

Do you want me to make more sprites and for me too keep doing my sprite collection blogs?

Post a comment, answer YES or NO and leave a little feedback if you don't mind.