Hello once again! It's been a while, but oh well. In this part I bring some sprites that I made just for the fun of it. You may like them, you may not. It's your choice not mine.

Lumina Sword
Here we have the "Lumina Sword". This sword is going to be in my mod. But I think I am going to change it later. This sword was based of the Night's Edge.

Lumina Axe

This is the "Lumina Axe". This was based of the War Axe of the Night. This is also going to be in my mod

Metal Helmet

Here we have the upgrade to the "Metal Helmet". As I said before, this was going to change, and it did. I should've done it smaller but oh well.

Metal Breastplate 2

Now this is the "Metal Breastplate". Also an upgrade to the Alpha one. Again, I shoul've done it smaller.

Servant of Chutulu

This time it's a mob, I sprited the "Servant of Chutulu" to a water version of it. Next time, I will sprite maybe "Eye of Chutulu"

Silver Palette

This was just a custom sprite I made just for fun. It's the "Silver Palette". This sprite was based of the Rainbow Rod. This is not going to be in my mod.

Bloody Sword

Last on the list is the "Deadly Silver Broadsword". If the Terraria developers would've kept the blood of all the mobs that you killed on your first days getting started, it would look like this. Again, not going to to be in my mod.

Well, here they are. I pretty much spented this past days trying to beat the Dungeon Guardian from the "Reborn Mod". I always got him to about 3,000 HP but then I would get stuck on a Floating Island and he would kill me. And then I would rage. And then I would not work on the sprites. Also, my blog post about my mod will be posted in about a week or so. I am barely starting to work on my mod. So yeah, have a good day and I would see you on the next part.