Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new mod announcement. The mod will be called "United Mod" as you can see from the title of this blog post.The title is maybe going to change, but I still don't know. This just a heads up that I will be releasing information of some stuff that is going to be in my mod. I've been roughly working on it because of school and my job. I've only done 1 weapon per week sadly. Well from now on I will be posting information about the Weapon/NPCs/Biomes etc. Information will be released next week as along with some other sprites I made for fun. If you want to see some sprites now of weapons that are going to be in my mod here are some. If you want to know the names and some "hint clues" about each weapon, go to my profile on the "Blog Posts" section and look on my "Terraria Sprites Parts 1-5 Volume 1" that is soon going to be posted soon.Here are the sprites from past blogs:

Lumina Sword

Crazy Sword

Blue Emerald Hammer

Well, expect the information next week as I said because I will go camping this weekend and I will not use the internet for 3 days.