Hellow felllow wikiers and this is a question only for the Administators of this Terraria Wiki.

What does it take to be an Administrator here in this Terraria Wiki?

      Do people have to pay money?Do they have to be some kind of website editor/designer?Is it applications to be an admin free to everyone(meaning everyone can sign up for it)?

I know this is lame but wanted to apply for to be an admin. I know I am just a random person and the Admins are going to ignore this but here I go.I have acces to this Wiki pretty much all days.I once worked on designing game( I have some experience). If I would be an admin and you didn't like me and just block me from being an Admin I wouldn't make a big deal out of it. I could play a lot of Terraria and find any bugs.I could help a lot of the community here in the Wiki every day.

Thank you for your attention Admins(HeroGaming,ZenoFire,Port5, and KiruWagaka)