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How to get armors

This page is all about how to get all types of armor in terraria


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Copper armor:

Copper Armorset2

In order to acquire the copper armor you will need 60 Copper Bars to craft a full suit(Chainmail = 25,Helmet = 15,Greaves = 20), this translates over to 180 Copper Ore to craft all the necessary bars for this armor. Copper is the most common metal to find due to the world generation in terraria,Copper Ore is found on surface or just below it in groups of 4-20 !

When the requred number or Ore is achieved Copper armor can be crafted at the Iron Anvil

Iron armor:

In order to acquire the iron armor you will need 60 Iron Bars to craft a full suit(Chainmail = 30,Helmet = 20,Greaves = 25), this translates over to 180 Iron Ore to craft all the necessary bars for this armor. Iron is not as easy as copper to find but it's easier than gold.Iron ore is usually found in groups of 8-11 if lucky then 12-15

Iron armor


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