are the normal blocks and weapons boring you? need more NPC's to keep you company? need more biomes to explore. well no trouble at all. just comment about the thing you want to be added in the game ( including Xbox and PS3 version ).

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what i was thinking of is the following below


1. God: sells cloud in a bottle, angel wings, and soul of light ( only in a blood moon ) etc.

2. Necromancer: enchants your weapons, tools, and acsessories. ( i think i spelled that wrong ) using certain gems and a certain price form 10 gold - 5 platinum coins.

3. Demon merchant: sells the opposite of what god sells. ( demon wings, soul of fright ).

4. Killer: sells any melee weapon, and fights for you at a blood moon

5. King: gives you coins every day ( exept for a blood moon.)

new Boimes and requirements

1. Cemetery: place 15 tombstones together on the surface

2. Heaven: die in the same world 50 times

3. The Moon: craft a spaceship and spacesuit

4. The Sun: same as the one above but wear Molten armor set


1. space suit

2. spaceship

3. bone bow

4. soaker (sword) Section heading Write the second section of your page here.