• I live in ??????, ??????????? (Russia, Novosibirsk)
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is ?????? ??????????? (Make achievementmen angry)
  • I am ?? ????? (I don't wanna say)
  • Westernbird


    May 1, 2013 by Westernbird

    Welcome to the Fair! In this article you can buy and sell some things in the commentaries.


    1. Write, what you will sell or buy.
    2. Write your Skype, ICQ, etc. for discussing with the buyer/seller.
    3. Say the version of your Terraria (optional)
    4. Do not sell your things for the real money!
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  • Westernbird

    Hello, my friends...
    I still don't understand, why we need blogs? Yes, I know, why we need them. But there are too MANY-MANY blogs like this. Or like this. These blogs are absolutely nothing, and they're too small and uninformative.

    • Talking about first blog. GO TO SERVERS ARTICLE!!! Don't create blogs to play with someone in Terraria! Just create a commentary in this post about it! NO! We create infinitely small blogs!
    • About second blog. Why don't create special post, like Servers? For buying and selling things (Fair), for helping (Help Center)... Or using a forum for it!

    And sorry for my bad knowledge of English, but I'm too angry to not create this blog... Administrators, can you delete blogs like these ones'? Fine, you can to not delete blogs l…

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  • Westernbird

    Hello, my English friends. I'm... russian guy! YAY! :D
    No, I don't drink vodka, I don't play on balalaika, I'm standard man, who plays Terraria.
    If you're Russian, you will know, what I do Experiments for Russian wiki. This is a numeration of them:

    • Experiment #1: Comparision of Axes
    • Experiment #2: Comparision of Boomerangs and Chains
    • Experiment #3: Comparision of Pickaxes
    • Experiment #4: Sandgun is a "toy"? Pt.1
    • Experiment #5: Sand is Overpowered! Pt.2

    Today I will publish the demo-version of Experiments #4-5. For full version, you must know a Russian language, like me.
    Sorry for my bad knowledge of English, but can someone fix this blog?

    • Sandgun's damage - 30, speed - Very fast (15), 4 sand blocks per second, 120 DPS. But because of the damage of t…

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