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    June 7, 2013 by Whiskeybottle112

    "Earthwelling" is the very simple process of turning lava into obsidian deep underground with the help of water and a pickaxe strong enough to cut through obsidian (of course).

    Now before you start thinking, "What will I ever need obsidian for?", there are many reasons. And when I mean many, I mean about 3. You can make building material, you can make obsidian skulls, and you can make a legendary sword that does 999 damage. No, I'm just kidding. Many people make obsidian skulls to sell, which with the help of 20 obsidian, you can sell for a profit of 54 silver each. Doesn't sound like much, but once you really get into this trick, it will start to sound like it. Now of course there are other uses, like protection against fire damage ( Not i…

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