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Put your question on the comments if you have a question

Wilfwe June 4, 2012 User blog:Wilfwe

If you have a question put it down below on the comments available for people with accounts and w/o accounts,

If you already place a question on a page and no-one answered it then put it below on the comments I will only reply questions here on the comments but sometimes I reply on other pages and if you put your question on a page then put something like this: [put the link here] and leave the question bold. I am not an Admin but I will help you

if I say "sorry but I can not answer this" when I reply, to you you should fix your spelling or do something else if I still can not answer it even if that is already corrected then do something else, and also for the regular question not on a page is like this: leave the question bold. now you can start leaving your questions below on the comments and to see other stuff look at my talk page

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