William Leonard

aka liam, actually

  • I live in not here that's for sure
  • I was born on November 15
  • My occupation is artist + youtube pooper
  • I am 17/bi/100% ma-male
  • William Leonard

    I've been trying to get this on the official Terraria Wiki, but nobody would listen to me. What I was thinking was: How about we let people post articles about their fanfiction(fan-made stories) here? I mean, we can post fan-art, why not literature? And I'm not just talking about stuff on the TO forum. There's 22(including mine) stories on FanFiction.Net. Most of them deserve recognition. And what better way to get recognition than to have your story in its own wiki article? I mean, hundreds come here every week

    Will you take my suggestion into consderation? :)

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