The Basic Essence Mod (Nerd’s Mod)

        This is a really hard mod to explain, so most of it will be visuals…


Blue Slime: Blue Gel (1-4)

Green Slime: Green Gel (2-3)

Purple Slime: Violet Gel (4-7)

Red Slime: Red Gel (5-8)

Yellow Slime: Yellow Gel (2-7)

Lava Slime: Orange Gel (3-4)

Ice Slime: Indigo Gel (4-8)

Black Slime: Black Gel (2-8)

Pinky: Pink Gel (12-34)


10 GEL (ANY GEL) == Furnace == <insert color> GEL BAR

1 of EVERY GEL (except pink) == Furnace == 5 WHITE GEL

5 BLUE GEL BARS, 5 GREEN GEL BARS == Anvil == Formatory

FORMATORY == Used to craft certain gel items


10 BLUE GEL BARS == Formatory == BLUE GEL SWORD (16 Damage, Avarage Speed)

10 GREEN GEL BARS == Formatory == GREEN GEL SWORD (13 Damage, Avarage Speed)

10 VIOLET GEL BARS == Formatory == VIOLET GEL SWORD (24 Damage, Very Fast)

10 RED GEL BARS == Formatory == RED GEL SWORD (31 Damage, Fast)

10 YELLOW GEL BARS == Formatory == YELLOW GEL SWORD (29 Damage, Very Fast)

10 ORANGE GEL BARS == Formatory == ORANGE GEL SWORD (38 Damage, Fast)

10 INDIGO GEL BARS == Formatory == INDIGO GEL SWORD (27 Damage, Avarage Speed)

(ANY GEL SWORD), 30 GLOWSTICKS == Formatory == GLOWING (COLOR) SWORD (Same Stats as Before, but Glows, and can be Held Out like a Torch)

ALL GEL SWORDS == Formatory == ROYS BLADE (68 Damage, Fast)

ALL GLOWING GEL SWORDS == Formatory == RAINBOW FURY  (65 Damage, Fast, Shoots Bouncing Rainbow Balls, like the Flower of Fire)

10 PINK GEL BARS == Formatory == RARITY BLADE (49 Damage, Extremely Fast)

10 BLACK GEL BARS == Formatory == YANG SABRE (42 Damage, Fast)

10 WHITE GEL BARS == Formatory == YIN BLADE (36 Damage, Very Fast)

YANG SABRE, YIN BLADE == Formatory == THE BLADE OF TAIJITU (54 Damage, Extremely Fast)

MUSKET BALL, 5 (ANY GEL) == Formatory == GEL BULLET (14 Ranged Damage, Richotchet EVRYWHERE)

ILLEGAL GUN PARTS, 80 (ANY GEL), 8 (ANY GEL BARS) == Formatory == JELLY RIFLE (43 Damage, Very Fast)

10 RED GEL BARS, 5 VIOLET GEL BARS == Formatory == ROY’S HELM (5 Defense)


10 GREEN GEL BARS, 5 YELLOW GEL BARS == Formatory == ROY’S GREAVES (8 Defense)

Full Set of ROY’S ARMOUR: Allows use of RAINBOW FURY without using mana.


SLIME TRAINER only appears once you have at least 3 gel weapons in your inventory at a time, and if there is an open NPC house in the world.


All Gel (except pink gel, and only sells black gel at night)

Slimeballs (used to "catch" slimes, which can then be sold to the Slime Trainer)

Rainbow Dye

Special Deals:

If a Pinky is caught and sold to the Slime Trainer, she will start to sell Pink Gel

If Dungeon Slime is sold, she sells Gold Keys

All slimes caught that drop special gel (the ones in the list at the top), excluding Pinky, sells White Gel

Mother Slime; shown with a baby slime on a leash

Umbrella Slime; Umbrellas

Jungle Slime; Spores

King Slime; Slime Crown

Rainbow Slime; Rainbow Bricks

Toxic Sludge; Rotten Chunks

Skin Slime; Hair Gel


BARBER only appears when there is a Barber Chair in an open NPC house in the world.

20 SILVER BARS, BOTTLE O’ HAIR GEL == Anvil == Barber Chair


Skin Slime: Drops Hair Gel (pre-hard mode)

Giving the barber a Bottle O' Hair Gel will allow you to change your hair style and hair color.

If the Barber Chair is broken, the Barber's home will no longer exist, and he will dissappear from your world.


Because there are multiple types of gels, the Slime Crown can now be made in different colors. This will summon a different colored King Slime. Usually only the color is changed, but sometimes other things are, too…

Violet King Slime: Shoots small purple “pellets” at the character and very rarely (12% Chance) drops the Slimeron Staff (32 Magic Damage, Avarage Speed)

Pink King Slime: Very small (about the size of a Mother Slime) and very quick. It drops much more money than usual (about 16-18 platinum coins!!!). It also shoots some lazors every once in a while.

Orange King Slime: Only able to be spawned in the underworld, can light you on fire and summons hell creatures.

Black King Slime: Much more health than usual (5,200) and can only be spawned in corruption/crimson.

FOOTNOTE: The White Slime Crown can only be crafted with 5 Souls of Light, and thus will be something I will cover in HARD MODE…


Now, pots found underground have 10% chances to drop 1-3 Novelty Essence!!

5 Novelty Essence, 5 Wood, 2 Diamonds == WorkBench == Stick O’ Misfortune (24 Magic Damage, makes Anvils, Bricks, Sharks, and other comical things fall from the sky onto enemies)

10 Novelty Essence, 5 Wood == WorkBench == Home Run

(8 Damage, Very Slow, OVER 9,000 KNOCKBACK!!)


Octopus: Tentacles

Sea Serpent: Aqua Essence

10 Aqua Essence, 30 Tentacles, 10 Black Ink == Demon Altar == Calamari Stick

The Calamari Stick summons a boss… the Kraken!!


Can only be summoned in the Ocean. 3,800 Health.


Watery Pull: Will pull the player back into the water with a long tentacle if the player is outside of the water for more than 3 seconds. (Kind of like the WoF's tongue)

Beasts of the Sea: Will summon squids and octopi.

Charge: Will charge at you like the Eye of Cthulhu

Ink: Will shoot ink balls that have 12% chances to inflict Darkness.


Aqua Essence (4-13)

Tentacles (8-18)

Black Ink (25-32)

Demonite/Crimsonite (27-58)

Will Drop One of These:

Squid Blaster (26 Damage, Fast, Uses Ink as Ammo)

Water Sceptre (see wiki page)

Water Bolt (see wiki page)

Squirt Gun (36 Damage, Uses water as ammo [can only be used if in a pool of water, and consumes the water, but when the water hits the ground, it will become regular water again])

Octopus Hook (a better Ivy Whip, with slightly longer range)

Calamari Dish (accessory: When equipped, user will regenerate health extremely fast while fully submerged in water)



Pinkyo Monster: Looks like a pinky until you get close, and then attacks. Very rare, it drops 10-13 gold.

Jellystone Altar: A slime in the shape of a demon altar that spawns in the underground corruption. Only able to be killed with a Pwnhammer, it blesses your world with Jellystone Ore (covered later).

Ore Slimes: Spawn near large veins (man-made or randomly generated) of certain ores, and drop that type of ore about as commonly as meteor heads drop meteorite. Examples are: Meteorite Slime, Copper Slime, Chlorophyte Slime, Hellstone Slime, etc.

Spiked Illuminant Slime: Shoots rapid fire balls of light and spawns deep in the underground Hallow.


The White King Slime can only be summoned in the Hallow, and looks like a normal King Slime, except it has the same glowing effect as Illuminant Slimes, is white, and has what appears to be a tortured fairy inside instead of the normal ninja. The King Slime has 35,600 HP.


Ruler of Slimes: Spawns all types of slimes, although none of them drop anything other than corresponding gels (dungeon slimes spawned by the white king slime will not drop golden keys, jellystone altars won't bless the world with jellystone, and none of them will drop money.)

Purple Pellets: Shoots purple pellets like the Violet King Slime does, except they do more damage, and every time he shoots them he flashes violet.

Path of Fire: Flashes Orange for 10 seconds, all the while leaving a trail of fire behind him (the fire goes away after a while, but can harm you while it's there.) While doing this, the White King Slime can also light you on fire just by touching him.

Healing Flash: Sometimes flashes red, and then regains 200-500 HP

Thor's Hammer: Rains Lightning for a second, while the King Slime flashes yellow.

Cleanliness: Sometimes flashes green, turning the ground beneath the King Slime to forest biome.

Something From the Seas: Shoots ink balls that may inflict darkness upon the player, flashing blue while doing so.

Freeze Ray: Shoots blue lazors that slow down the player (and do damage, of course) while flashing Indigo.

Dirtiness: Sometimes flashes black, making the blocks beneath him turn corruption.

Blessing: Sometimes flashes pink, making the blocks beneath him turn to Hallow (if they aren't already.)


All types of gel (not including Hair Gel) + a new type of gel called Vibrant Gel


Hidden Black Gel Sword (56 Damage, Very Fast)

Hidden White Gel Sword (64 Damage, Avarage Speed)

Lively Unicorn Horn (Spawns a Unicorn Head that follows you around and increases max health by 20, as shown by turning your first heart a vibrant pink)

Multiplication Tome (?? Magic Damage, Uses 20 mana, spawns pink clones of yourself that last a few seconds and attack enemies with the most damage dealing weapon in your hotbar)


30 Jellystone Ore == Mythril Anvil == Jellystone Forge

6 Jellystone Ore == Jellystone Forge == Jellystone Bar

15 Jellystone Bars == Jellystone Forge == Jellystone Hook (A spear, 39 Damage, Fast)

20 Jellystone Bars == Jellystone Forge == Jelly Rocker (43 Damage, Fast, shoots little balls of gel)

18 Jellystone Bars == Jellystone Forge == Jelly Hat (8 Defense)

23 Jellystone Bars == Jellystone Forge == Jelly Breastplate (15 Defense)

12 Jellystone Bars == Jellystone Forge == Jelly Greaves (12 Defense)

FULL SET OF JELLYSTONE ARMOR: You get a pulsating effect and a small pet slime follows you around and attacks enemies. Jellystone armor also gives you 23% melee speed bonus.

15 Jellystone Bars, 8 Souls of Night, 8 Souls of Light, 10 Vibrant Gel == Formatory == Jelly Spawner (makes Jelly Shrines spawn in the Hallow as the Hallowed version of Demon Altars. These Jelly Shrines can be destroyed with the Pwnhammer to bless the world with more Jellystone.)


30 Pixie Dust, 15 Vibrant Gel == Jelly Shrine == Fay Ball (Summons the Faery Fiend)

Only able to be spawned in the Hallow, the Faery Fiend has 62,000 Health and quite a bit of dexterity (she's very speedy!). The Faery Fiend looks like One of the Pixies you might find in the Hallow, but without wings, huge, and has two eyes. The Fiend also has these curly-que strings coming down from her body. The Faery is split into Four segments; The Body (62,000 HP), The Lazor Fay (28,000 HP), The Spawner Fay (28,000 HP), and the Charging Fay (20,000 HP)


Since all segments are absolutely seperate but stay relatively close together (like the twins) each has their own attacks. Here is The Body's:

Silly Strings: The Strings hanging at the bottom of The Body can extend and contract in a whip like fashion to deal damage to the player.

De-Buff Boom: May stop for 1 second before letting out a screech, at which point the players caught in the blast will be dealt a random de-buff for 5 seconds.

The Lazor Fay:

Rapid Fire: Shoots rapid fire Lazors, like the one's Gastropods shoot out, but more powerful.

Charge Shot: May stop for 1 second, having a particle effect showing it gain energy, then release 3 superpowered lazor beams, which do a whopping 78 Damage!

Spawner Fay:

Master of the Pixies: Spawns lots of Pixies.

Upping the Level: Stops for one second, and seemingly gets bigger, and then spawns a random easy mode boss. Only one easy mode boss may be on screen at a time. The bosses spawned by this do not drop anything but money.

Charging Fay:

Charge!: Constantly charges at the player, the same way the Eye of Cthulhu/The Twins do but more frequently.

Ultra Charge!: May pause for one second before doing a charge where he homes in on you while doing the charge! This does slightly more damage than the charges before.


Note that if The Body is killed first, all of them die...

Pixie Dust

White Gel

Basic Essence


String Whip (a weapon only able to be put in the "other" category, it is closest in coding to a spear, but not really... 65 Damage, Fast)

Fairy Lazor (43 Magic Damage, Extremely Fast, like the Lazor Rifle, but WAAAY better)

Silly Staff (34 Summon Damage, Summons a "battle fairy" that attacks enemies for you)

Charged Crossbow (48 Ranged Damage, Fast, all arrows shot by the bow may home in on the enemy)


After killing the Faery Fiend, White Slimes (that drop white gel) will spawn randomly at the same level harpies spawn. (Near floating islands) White slimes also drop Basic Essence on occassion.


18 Basic Essence, 20 Vibrant Gel == Formatory == 10 Essential Ooze

Formatory, 12 Essential Ooze, 10 Vibrant Gel == Jellystone Forge == Blessed Formatory

13 Basic Essence, 8 Souls of Night, 2 Souls of Light == Blessed Formatory == 10 Essence of Yang

13 Basic Essence, 8 Souls of Light, 2 Souls of Night == Blessed Formatory == 10 Essence of Yin

15 Basic Essence, 20 Fallen Stars, 5 Crystal Shards == Blessed Formatory == 10 Magical Essence

15 Shark Fins, 5 Coral, 14 Basic Essence == Blessed Formatory == 10 Aqua Essence

16 Basic Essence, 30 Hay, 10 Wood, 5 Acorns == Blessed Formatory == 10 Nature Essence

Mimics, Lizhards, Golem, Rusty Bones, Pots: In Hard Mode, these all drop Pot Shards

10 Pot Shards, 13 Basic Essence == Blessed Formatory == 10 Novelty Essence

10 Vertebrae, 13 Basic Essence == Blessed Formatory == 10 Bloody Essence (Yes, there will be a way to get Vertabrae in a corrupted world, it will just be harder. I will talk about it later.)


15 Essence of Yang, 15 Essence of Yin, 10 Basic Essence, 8 Souls of Night, 8 Souls of Light == Jelly Shrine == The Yin Yang (Summons the Beings of Balance)

The Beings of Balance are like the Twins for Skeletron. Each has a shiny smooth looking skull, and two arms: One cannon, one blade. One is Yinner (who is mostly white with some black) and Yangish (who is mostly black with some white.) Yinner is slower but does more damage, while Yangish does less damage but is faster. Both of them have 75,000 HP.

Other than the two, there is also the Ball of Balance, with 38,000 HP. The Ball of Balance is held exactly in the middle of Yinner and Yangish at all times. The Ball looks like the Yin Yang, except with the two dots being Eyes.

There are different phases to this boss, so they will be listed in bold itallic.


Phase: All of them Alive

Dao Pow: The Ball shoots little black and white dots that home in slightly on the character.

Swinging Arms: Yinner and Yangish swing their arms around in the same fashion as Skeletron would, and the cannon arms don't do anything.

Spinning and Spinning: The heads of Yinner and Yangish start spinning at the player. The Ball does not use Dao Pow during this attack.

Phase: Yangish Dead

Dao Pow: The Ball uses this move more rapidly.

Shooting: Yinner shoots a spread shot out of his cannnon arm.

Blade: Yinner shoots his blade off which comes back as a boomerang.

Spinning and Spinning: Instead of Yinner's head spinning at you, the Ball of Balance spins at you at high speeds (slightly slower than a dungeon guardian)

Phase: Yinner Dead

Dao Pow: The Ball uses this move more rapidly.

Shooting: Yangish shoots a constant flow of short ranged fire (like Spazmatism)  out of his cannon arm.

Blade: At random moments, Yangish's blade may start to glow. While it is glowing, it leaves a trail of "shadow blades" behind it, which stay in place for 1 second. If you run into these, they will hurt you.

Spinning and Spinning: Instead of Yinner's head spinning at you, the Ball of Balance spins at you at high speeds (slightly slower than a dungeon guardian)

Phase: Ball of Balance Dead

Rage: Yinner and Yangish will split off and act as if in the previous phases, but will gain 2,000 health back and do slightly more damage.

Undescisive: When the phase starts, one of them will get their shooter ability, and the other will not. The one that does not have the shooter ability will use the Blade ability, which the other will not use. It is completely random which gets which.

Spinning and Spinning: Only one of them (either Yinner or Yangish) will be able to use this attack at a time, but it is practically the same to the first phase where they are all alive.

Phase: Ball of Balance Left

Spinning and Spinning: The Ball constantly spins at you, though slower than before.

White Phase: The Ball may turn white randomly, at which point it will start spawning Hallow monsters. This lasts for a few seconds.

Black Phase: The Ball may turn black randomly, at which point it will start spawning Corruption/Crimson monsters (depends). This lasts for a few seconds.

Dao Pow: Will shoot the dots even more rapidly than before.


Essence of Yin

Essence of Yang

Basic Essenc

Yin Yang Trophy (on occassion)


The Balanced Staff (68 Magic Damage, Very Fast, shoots black and white dots that can No-Clip about as fast as the Leaf-Blower)

Yin Yang Boomerang (84 Damage, Fast, Splits in two when it hits an enemy, the halves target the two closest enemy and then come back into the boomerang)

Yinnish Bow (63 Damage, Very Fast)

Yangish Chain (52 Damage, Speed Depends on the Target (see the Sunfury page))

Blade of Taijitu (just cause)


Jelly Rocker, 15 Essential Ooze, Broken Hero Sword == Blessed Formatory == Supershocked Jelly Rocker (63 Damage, Extremely Fast, has the pulsating effect)

Blade of Taijitu, 26 Jellystone Bars, 5 Essence of Yin, 5 Essence of Yang, Broken Hero Sword == Blessed Formatory == Supershocked Blade of Taijitu (72 Damage, Fast, has the pulsating effect)

Roy's Blade, 15 Essential Ooze, 30 Jellystone Bars, 20 White Gel, Broken Hero Sword == Blessed Formatory == Supershocked Roy's Blade (69 Damage, Fast, has pulsating effect)

Supershocked Roy's Blade, Supershocked Blade of Taijitu, Supershocked Jelly Rocker, Broken Hero Sword == Jelly Shrine == The Supershocker (103 Damage, Fast)

30 Jellystone Bars, 12 Magical Essence == Blessed Formatory == Gelaton Staff (51 Magic Damage, Avarage Speed, shoots ricocheting green pellets, like the water bolt)

Gelaton Staff, Rainbow Fury, Slimeron Staff, 60 Vibrant Gel, 10 White Gel Bars == Blessed Formatory == The Master Staff (71 Magic Damage, Very Fast, shoots all kinds of projectiles! Ricocheting, No-Clipping, Bouncing, Homing, Beams (like the Shadow Beam Staff) and Piercing Lazors)


Book, 2 Magical Essence == Blessed Formatory == Spell Tome ('cause why not)

Jellystone Bars == Jellystone Forge == Jellystone Halo (Accessory, reduces all damage done to you by slime enemies by 12%, and allows you to do 15% more damage to slimes)

25 Hellstone, 13 Magical Essence == Blessed Formatory == Hellish Halo (Accessory, Reduces damage dealt to you by creatures in the underworld by 15%, and allows 12% more damage to be dealt to underworld monsters)

Jellystone Halo, Hellish Halo, 12 Nature Essence == Tinkerer's Workshop == Element Halo (The more damage you take in a certain biome, the mmore you gain a resistance to the enemies in that biome.)

Formatory, 16 White Gel, 4 Essential Ooze == Jelly Shrine == Vibrator (Turns gel into vibrant gel)


15 Basic Essence, 20 Essential Ooze, 8 Magical Essence, 14 Souls of Might, 10 Essential Ooze, 16 Vibrant Gel, Crown == Jelly Shrine == Heavenly Halo of Jelly (Summons God Slime)

God Slime can only be summoned during the day at the same level that harpies and wyverns spawn. God slime is looks like a giant eye made out of gel, with a crown, a cape, two floating shoulder pads and disembodied hands (also made from gel).

With a whopping 130,000 HP, and attacks to boot, the God Slime is a definite force to be reckoned with!


Slip Slap: The hands swing around like skeletron's hands would.

Lazors!: The hands shoot lazors that no-clip (like the Golem) when not swinging at the player.

Rainbow Array: God Slime often will change color, and each color does a different thing, though small.

---Red: Does 5 more damage than usual.

---Orange: Has more knockback.

---Yellow: Very slowly regens health.

---Green: Moves around slightly faster.

---Blue: Gets more criticals.

---Indigo: Gets slightly bigger.

---Violet: Attacks get faster.

Teleport: Every once in a while (once every 30 seconds) God Slime will teleport to a random location on the screen (he can't teleport onto the player, though)

Mega Lazor: The giant eye in the middle will shoot a GIANT lazor every once in a while (once every 15 seconds)

Self-Destruct: When God Slime reaches below 100 HP, he will turn invincible and turn a bright red. He also gains the pulsating effect. within 5 seconds, he will explode and make an incredibly huge crater, asthis explosion can destroy any and all blocks. He will still use this attack if somehow you got him down to 0 HP, and this attack does make him drop loot.


All types of gel (excluding hair, but including vibrant)

Essential Ooze

Basic Essence

Hallowed Bars (and lot of them!)


Eye of Exploring (Accessory, will make your character glow different colors when approaching different biomes)

Eye of Mining (Accessory, will make you have a permanent spelunker effect on you... all ores will glow.)

Eye of Hunting (Accessory, will make you have a permanent hunter potion effect on you... monsters glow)



That is all I have for now! It will be constantly updated based on YOUR feedback.

Tell me what you think!!