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    Okay, so I'm getting a new computer soon with a functional soundcard. I wanted to start a Terraria series once I get it. I was wondering. Should my series be continuing my multiplayer with my friends or starting a new world with a new character?

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  • Wolfii

    Describe Your World

    October 26, 2011 by Wolfii


    The spawn is a poorly built, seemingly unfinished wood+dirt structure with most furniture removed. It's main use is a storage unit at the second to top level.

    NPC Village:

    I have all the NPC, all with different material house. The only one of my NPC not in the village is Dryad.

    My Demonite Castle:

    My first make of this castle was completely stone, then I decided to replace the stone with demonite ore. It shall not be changed, even though I'm not perfectly fine with the way it currently is.

    Roger's Brick+Demonite House

    He made a simple layered house, the first floor being brick, the second floor being demonite, the third floor being brick & so forth.


    A small greenhouse used to farm blickroots. Not much.

    Hocolo's Copper Castle:

    I bui…

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  • Wolfii

    Okay, my point should be made clear very easily.

    Why is it that people make modifications without registering? Seriously. It's free & easy as HELL!

    Also, comments by unregistered users can be confusing to people who don't yet understand how Wikia works. They see multiple comments by what appears to them to be the same user, stating opposite opinions. Wouldn't it confuse you if you were new?

    Just to make another point... i haet wen peepz tlk liek dis

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  • Wolfii

    So much money! :D

    October 15, 2011 by Wolfii

    Hey, fellow Terrarians, I've finally decided to make a little blog about this. So... Yeah, I have more than sixty platinum coins, which is equivelent to six thousand gold coins. Don't know how hard gold coins are to get yet? It's okay, we all start out poor. It's six hundred thousand silver! & it's not only money I have alot of. I guess I'll list some things I have alot of.

    • Clay
    • Demonite
    • Health Potions(I have a couple stacks. It's not that much)
    • Glass
    • Copper
    • Stone
    • ShadowScale
    • I have about a stack or two of obsidian. Not that much for a high level player.
    • Mud(for extending my tree farm)
    • Ebonstone
    • Wood

    Please don't go assuming I spawned these. I have done alot of work in Terraria. I do things legibly. I've never even used mods(Until recently, I thought th…

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  • Wolfii

    Need molten hamaxe

    October 10, 2011 by Wolfii

    Hello, friends! I have a bit of a problem. I have molten almost everything, helm, pickaxe, but I don't have a molten hamaxe! D: So I was thinking maybe one of you guys could sell one to me. I would assume the pricerange is somewhere between 50 silver to 1 platinum.

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