Hey, fellow Terrarians, I've finally decided to make a little blog about this. So... Yeah, I have more than sixty platinum coins, which is equivelent to six thousand gold coins. Don't know how hard gold coins are to get yet? It's okay, we all start out poor. It's six hundred thousand silver! & it's not only money I have alot of. I guess I'll list some things I have alot of.

  • Clay
  • Demonite
  • Health Potions(I have a couple stacks. It's not that much)
  • Glass
  • Copper
  • Stone
  • ShadowScale
  • I have about a stack or two of obsidian. Not that much for a high level player.
  • Mud(for extending my tree farm)
  • Ebonstone
  • Wood

Please don't go assuming I spawned these. I have done alot of work in Terraria. I do things legibly. I've never even used mods(Until recently, I thought the game was unmoddable). If you'd like to buy some items I have alot of, I may be able to sell it to you. Some things may even be free, like clay(which I mentioned in an earlier blog).