So, Ive Been Thinking Of Some Bosses.

Terraria Eater of Worlds Massacred
Skeletron Head

Eye of cthulu stage 1 battle

No Not Those Bosses! My Own Bosses! Ive Been Thinking of bosses lateley, and wouldent it be cool is there was : A Giant Hornet Boss In PreHardmode? You Would Find it DEEP in a jungle chasm. It would be a gold block room with gold brick walls. Right when you walk deep in there ( like as deep as the dungeon guardiens ) then he awakens. he has a chance to poison you and he is immune to the poision! debuff. He does 11 damage each time he hits you and you do 5 damage to him ( he has 20 defence and 2000 health. he has a chance to give you the broken armor debuff also. when he dies , he drops 1-3 hearts , 5 - 7 gold, and drops a Jungle Hammer So you can smash Jungle Orbs. He also Has a chance to drop 1-10 stingers and a jungle elbem ( faster meele etc ) ). Then Theres my final boss. once you have every NPC, you can buy : dark magic from the wisard , death arrows from the arms dealer , monster horns from the dryad , and powder and deathwire from the demolist and technician. go to a demon altar and you can craft a " Death Podium ". You Use it and fall asleep. it shows the intro over again , but this time you see a dark monster behind a door. Then you awaken in a strange realm. it has a lava pit in the middle. you see a GIANT monster that can only be killed with BLESSED ITEMS. Halfway through, it rains, and turns the lava into obcidian. then, it blows up and there is a giant pit of spikes. then , every npc comes on a giant magical mech. ( that explains that the mechanic made it ) you hop in and kill the boss. at the end, you kill him , you hear a monster roar , and a flash of light. you finished the game. he does 10-15 damage every time and you do 1-10 damage to him. he has 9000 health. INTRO your a test pereso n to a sientest. he tells you to get into his newest creation , a time machine hooked up to other gizmos. you get in and tourn into a orb of pure white. the NPC's are watching , but they look different. ( the sientist is the guide ). then everyone gets in the gizmo. it malfunktions, and then you go into a shadowrealm with a " Bright Sword Of Peace " . you stab the boss while hes sleeping and then theres a flash of light and a boss roar.then the game starts. tell me what you think of this idea! i also have this stuff for minecraft if u want me to do one. place in the comments below!