After You Killed All The Pre-Hardmode Bosses You Can Make The " Mixed Mineral " Which Is Made By : 1 ruby 1 emerald 1 sapphire 1 diamond 1 topaz and 1 meteorite and craft it at a Hell Altar.


Hell Altars Are Found By Lava In Hell ( Under The Courruption ) They Have The Same Look As Demon Altars , But Are Pure Red, The Horns Are Orange Tipped With Yellow, And Are Minable To Put In Your House. But , They Can Only Be Mined With A HellHammer And Drop Lava On Destruction.

                                    HELL HAMMERS

HellHammers Are Crafted At A HellForge And Anvil By It. It Takes A Wooden Hammer , Jungle Hammer , And 35 HellStone Bars.

                               HOW TO ENTER THE DEATH REALM

To Enter The Dark Realm , You Have To Get Every Biome Block In The Game : Jungle Mud , Courrupted Dirt , Forest Dirt , Mushroom Mud , Dunguen Brick , Hollow Dirt , Hell Ash , ETC. Go To A Hell Altar And Craft A " Hell Podium " And Then Go To A Hollow Altar ( Found In Hell Under Hollow And Is Same But Is Blue , Bright Blue , And Purple Instead Of Red , Orange , And Yellow. ) And You Can Put Together The " Hell Podium " And " Mixed Mineral " To Make A " Biome PodiMineral ". You Use It , And A Cutscene Of Hell Comes , The Teleport Sound , And Purple Particles Come. A DeathRealm Portal Appears. You Combine A Gold Key And Shadow Key At A Hell Altar And You Get A Death Key. You Use The DeathKey At The Death Portal And You Can Go Through. You Get These Sayings :

" You Keep Feeling Like Your Gonna Die " ( When You Have Been In The DeathRealm Atleast A Day ( Game Day )

" The Death Realm Has Been Cursed With DeathOre Deposits! " ( When You Smash A DeadAltar )

" Your World Has Been Possesed! " ( When You Pull The Switch In The Secret DeadHouse )

" The Death King Has Awoken! " ( When You Go Out Of The Portal When You Have Pulled The Switch )

" The Death Portal Has Been Destroyed! " ( When All Death Bosses Have Been Killed )

" The DeathRealm Has Been Cleansed! " ( When You Get Purifying Powder And You Clean Atleast 100 Blocks Of The DeathRealm Surface )

  1. The Death King Is Basicly A Flaming Black Shadow Monster That Deals 22 Damage Each Time It Hits You And Has 6000 Health , Has 10 Defence , And You Attacks Do 10 - 50 Damage. Drops A Shadow Crown On Death , The Shadow Crown Makes All Enemies On Your Side ( This Is A Buff , For 10 Minutes ). Drops 1 - 2 Platinum And Drops 1 - 5 Hearts.
  2. The Death Queen Is The Same As Death King , But Has A Set Of Ruby Armor Instead Of A Dark Crown. Ruby Armor Grants - An Forever Lasting Splunker Potion Buff When Worn , And Grants Underwater Breathing ( Related To Gills Potion But You Can Live On Land, Also). It Gives You 50 Defence ( When Full Set Is Worn ) And As A Bonus , Gives 20 Max Health Each Peice Of Armor. Grants Immunity To The " Death Curse! " Debuff " On Fire! " " Poison! " And " Broken Armor " Debuffs To.
  3. There Is Also A Death Destroyer, Which is the dungeoun keeper , but a shadow. once killed , you gain accsess to the death house. Plus , You Get The " Shadow Calmer " NPC. The Possible Names are Bob , Jack , Frank , Gus , Andrew , And William.
  4. Deathore Is A Ore That Can Be Mined With A NightMare Pick Or Better. You Man Make - death armor , death hamaxe , and a death drill , The WEAKEST of the drills. The HellDrill is the 2nd weakest. The Shadow Calmer Can Get Rid Of any death debuffs you have , and sells death items. death powder , deathore bars , deathwire , etc.

After The Death Realm Has Been Defeated , It Will Posses Your World With a 1 - 15 chance of a deathMoon.

                           DEATH ENEMIES

Death Worm 1 - 3 damage , 100 hp.

death zombie , death skeleton , death spider , death snatcher all have 200 hp and deal 1 - 50 damage.

death hammers , and death holes deal 10 damage if you get hit by one , have no health , and can only be used once.

If You Get Lucky , You Can Get A Chaos Rod From Any Enemy. deals 1 - 50 magic damage. takes 10 magic. inflicts the " Chaos Magic! " Debuff on enemies. Chaos Rods Are Fairly Rare.'

Well Thats All For Now! ( This isnt ingame or a mod. vote if you would like it or not. ).