Hey fellow readers, I shall be doing 'Adventures in Terraria' for a little part time. Here it goes...

I begun the game, obviously anxious and bored... (You know it takes quite a time to load) It started. As much of people who played it in the beggining, they should think as well as me but do not offend yourselfs, It's a damn copy of minecraft in a ugly 2d version.. Yep, I am offended by myself now for saying that. It started as Minecraft, gather trees to make a house - Wait! I had tools. - Atleast I gave a thought that this might be a little intersting. As I gathered wood - WAIT! I was in a desert. I kept on walking and finally encountered a slime. He was a pain in the ass. Atleast in my thoughts. I finished him with a Pickaxe-Axe combo! Then I went to gather wood and gathered a whole bunch but not too high either. I begun making a little wooden/cave house in the middle of the calm natures of this world. A few times I got furious at the slimes for making me late to build the house just in time. Finally I made it.. and it was night. I decided that was enough already and saved it to continute the glorious and adventurous of my world, Terraria.

Thanks for reading guys! This is my firt 'Blog' so it might have spelling failures.

XDanny7 16:42, July 5, 2011 (UTC)